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         Mastitis & Milk Quality Research

In this project Harris Park Group was asked to run two new mastitis research and extension projects addressing new needs in Australia

In recent times, new mastitis research and extension needs have come to the fore for the Australian dairy industry. This project, comprising two separate modules of activity (Modules 1 and 2), will address those specific emerging needs around cow preparation and the reduction of new infection rate and the application of new molecular tests for mastitis pathogens.

With the increasing intensity of dairy farming systems, and recent environmental challenges in some regions, the common methods of cow preparation prior to milking are under closer scrutiny. Underpinning any proposed changes in preparation to an American or European style wash and dry technique will be the demonstrable change in new infection rate. Here there is particular emphasis on new infections with Strep. uberis. The activities in Module 1 will measure such changes and begin the communication process around agreed messages.

Sitting alongside the activities of Module 1 is a shorter duration activity (Module 2) focusing on the application of new molecular mastitis pathogen tests. One such PCR test has been recently launched commercially and another, LAMP technology, has the potential to be made commercial. In both cases development and extension work is required to ascertain the best use of these testing protocols in the hands of farmers and advisers.


Module 1
Pilot on-farm application of study design elements 31/03/12
Commence field trial 31/04/12
Complete field trial, data collection & analyse results 01/10/12
Develop adviser & farmer resources and implement communication strategy 31/03/13
Final report 30/05/13
Module 2
 Report of development of decision process  30/03/12
 Final report  01/09/12

Fact file:  This research project titled "Addressing new mastitis and research extension needs in Australia" is funded by the Geoffrey Gardiner Dairy Foundation.
Research activities:

Module 1 - reducing Strep. uberis mastitis risk by improving pre-milking hygiene.

Module 2 - Maximising benefits of molecular mastitis testing for farmers and processors.

Dates- 2011-2013


Project leader:
John Penry